"I went to Andalus foryoga, taught by Joy sorelaxing, I felt my body& mind benefited. Joyliterally brings Joy tome." - Abida Farid
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Haraka Martial Arts
Every Friday

Haraka Martial Arts in partnership with Andalus are starting classes for children and Adults. 

Increase your fitness, confidence and learn self defence in a friendly environment.

Structured children's classes with fun games and exercises.
Learn character development through futuwwa.

Every Friday
Children (7+) 6.15pm - 7.15pm
Adults (15+) 7.15pm - 8.15pm

Limited spaces so register now and book your place.

For more information and registration email: info@andalus.co.uk. More info

Yoga for Women
Every Thursday

Yoga for women starting at Andalus, every Thursday 12.30pm - 13.30pm.

Yoga can not only help make you stronger, more flexible and less stressed, it can also improve your balance, coordination and energy levels. The class will involve gentle movement for the body, breathwork and relaxation.There is something for everyone whatever your current fitness level or experience of yoga.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@andalus.co.uk More info

Andalus Risaala Programme
Every Friday

A six week course to grow your knowledge and engage in self-development; letting your soul blossom and thrive.

With something for everyone catering for Ladies, Men, Children (7-12 yrs) and the youth (12+)

From 13th January – 31st March 2017

Every Friday: 5.15-6.15 pm 

Classes included:

- Purification of the heart 
Time to tend to your heart

- Muslim Heroes
Looking at key figures in history to inspire young people

- Muslim Youth Circle
Interesting circle for young people looking to learn about their faith

- Islamic studies and basic beliefs for children
A great opportunity for children to learn about their faith in an engaging and enjoyable way

- Qur’anic Tafsir, Seerah and much more

£12 for the whole twelve week block

Please text 07727 289 206 to register or if you have any enquires. 

Crèche facilities available (Must be pre-booked. Fee: £2)

Parents must book in and attend along with their children

Refreshments available More info

Andalus Archery Club
Every Saturday

 The Andalus Archery club has regular sessions on a Saturday morning for Juniors and  Adults.

Juniors 10am - 11am

Adults 11am - 12.15pm

If you have completed the beginners course or have a certificate of attending another beginners course then you are welcome to attend.

Please e-mail for more information. More info

Friday Prayers
Every Friday

Jum'ah Prayers at Andalus, all welcome, lots of space for both men and women. The khutbah, sermon, delivered in the English language, easy to understand and appropriate to the times and place that we live in. Come along, invite your friends and have a different experience at Andalus. More info

Quran Recitation Classes For Children
Every Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

Quran Recitation Classes for Children.

This is an opportunity to ensure that your child(ren) get to know the correct pronunciation of the Arabic alphabet initially followed by words and phrases, and thereafter have the foundations for excellent Qur’anic recitation. Alhamdulilah by the barakah of Allah the outcomes have been really excellent, particularly so in those children that attend consistently all the days and practice regularly. We would emphasise that a long term and regular commitment is essential to success. We are happy for prospective children’s parents to visit by arrangement.

Early Years start from age 5 years.

  • The children enter a nursery setting, to learn the letters of the alphabet with some Arabic words from Quran.
  • They listen to stories about the Prophet Muhammad (saw), the other Prophets (as).
  • They are given information about the basic beliefs and prayer.

Foundation Years to learn the Graded Steps of Qur’anic Arabic, from age 6 years onwards.

  • The children learn to learn to recite Quran correctly by working through Graded Steps in Quran Reading.
  • They must complete homework revision to ensure optimal progress
  • They will be taught the Salah once they complete the Graded Steps book and start to read.
  • We will give them information about basic beliefs and teaching.
  • There will listen to stories about the Holy Prophet (saw) and the Prophets (as).

Timings and Costs.

  • The times are between 4.50pm to 6pm or 6 pm to 7.10 pm.
  • Children attend classes every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.
  • The cost is only £16 per month. 
  • Payable for 12 months of the year, at the beginning of every month in advance.
  • Minimum joining time is 3 months.  One months notice is required for leaving.

Quality Correct Pronunciation – Positive learning environment - Kids comes first.

  • Regular Staff Training is important to us to help us maintain high standards.
  • We work with children in smaller groups.
  • All our staff and assistants undergo disclosure checks
  • We have staff trained in first aid.
  • We have a designated person in charge of child protection
  • We conduct Child Protection training.

Andalus Achieving Excellent standards for your child

  • One to One lessons are available if unable to manage group lessons.
  • Private tuition is £15 / hour donation. Limited appointments available.
  • Book for 10 weeks, 30 min slots.
  • Distance learning Options via skype/paltalk/msn

Quran Recitation Classes for Adults: 

There are classes for Sisters and Brothers, starting from complete basics and building up to excelling and refining the recitation. Please get in touch for weekly sessions.

So why wait? Get in touch now to register and get started. Email info@andalus.co.uk

Please read and check terms and conditions of joining. More info

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